Vocations and Social Media

Written on: August 16, 2017

The Vocation Ambassador Team met by Video Call (how techy of us!). We discussed ways to introduce the students Sister Eileen interacts with to St. Marguerite as part of their Fall retreat. Stay tuned, we may be asking for some volunteers to help.

We’ve started a calendar for developing our Social Media outreach and Plan. This will begin with designating different days of the week with a #Hashtag such as #MargueriteMonday, or #ThrowbackThursday.

If you’re on social media you have probably seen such things, but if you aren’t you may be thinking, “What good does that do?” People who are interested in a topic will often search on Social Media for information. Using a #hashtag pulls postings tagged that way together. When we use a hashtag like: #religioussisters or #Creatingacompassionateworld and a reader clicks on that tag, they’ll see other posts (hopefully OURS) that have used that hashtag.

We recently posted a series of Novena reflections on Facebook using a new program called Spark Pages.
Adobe Spark Page
It was something new to try, and a little more than just one photo. It could be a wonderful way to highlight some of our print publications, especially our Jubilarians.

In other news, we have another “model” Sister in the most recent edition of Horizon, the Journal of the National Religious Vocation Conference. They asked permission to use the picture of Sister Barbara Harrington holding openBJH Horizon the door of the Motherhouse that is on our website. Then, I was notified that they wouldn’t be using it. So, imagine MY surprise when I opened the latest edition and there she was! I understand she’ll be traveling through Philadelphia if anyone wants her autograph!

Social Media Tip:

Think summer and you think VACATION!

What do people do a lot of on vacation? TAKE PICTURES, of course!

If you have a smart phone, taking and sharing pictures is easy.  If you don’t have a smart phone, you can still take  pictures the old-fashioned way with a camera, or enlist the help of a companion traveler to take and share photos with you.

Many of our Sisters shared that they have added a quote to your email signature, and some shared their own favorite quote. Even if you handwrite notes and letters you can include a quote from St. Marguerite. One to consider:

“Learn from the heart of the Father,the attitudes of love, tender concern and compassion.”  St. Marguerite d’Youville

High tech or low tech it’s all about sharing the message!


One thought on “Vocations and Social Media

  1. Nora Gruber Loftin says:

    Invasion through Social Media is a great idea! I attended Melrose Academy in Elkins Park, PA for twelve years and feel I really thrived there. The instruction was mostly by Grey Nuns, with two or three civilian teachers. Read your comment regarding the possibility of needing some help with events. Though I live in VA now, I would be curious what I could do to help. Coming to Phila for a few days is not a problem, Nora Gruber Loftin ’75.

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