Action Alert: Modern Slavery

Written on: September 6, 2017

We encourage you to join us in taking action on these human rights issues which are within our Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart Mission and Corporate Stands. When you click on each site (green color lines) you will read some heart rending stories. Please spread the word by passing this on to anyone you may know who would be willing to act on these issues.


Sister Diane Bardol, GNSH

We need your help! We want to take our Commonwealth campaign to the next level. Will you help us?

Call on the Malaysian Prime Minister, as the future Chair of the Commonwealth, to support the adoption of an anti-slavery agenda.

Early next year, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will be held. At this meeting, the leaders of all 52 countries of the Commonwealth meet to decide a set of policies and issues they will take forward over the next two years. At CHOGM 2018, we want them to take forward a mandate on modern slavery.

In the lead up to CHOGM, we’re doing all we can to encourage Commonwealth countries to get behind this issue. Already, Malta and the UK, who are the current and upcoming Chair of the Commonwealth, have publicly called for more to be done to address modern slavery. As a future Chair of the Commonwealth, Malaysia is in a crucial position to influence other Commonwealth countries to join this call.

Help us put pressure on Malaysia to be an active voice against modern slavery in the Commonwealth.

The Global Slavery Index reports that there are 128,800 individuals trapped in modern slavery in Malaysia, ranking it at 29 out of 167 countries.[1] This means that Prime Minister Najib Razak should have a keen interest in doing all he can to tackle the problem – but so far he has remained quiet.

By putting as much international pressure on Mr. Razak as possible, we want to show him that it is crucial Malaysia supports calls for the Commonwealth to fight slavery.

Join us by sending an email to the Prime Minister of Malaysia urging him to support an end to slavery in the Commonwealth.

Together, we can make modern slavery a priority issue in the Commonwealth.

In solidarity,

Joanna, Miriam and the Freedom United Team

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