Action Item: Dream Act

Written on: October 19, 2017

This request comes from NETWORK with background information. We urge you to click the link below to read and sign the letter.

NETWORK is proud to work alongside Leader Pelosi and other members of Congress to protect the 800,000 DACA recipients who are now in fear. In solidarity, representatives of the faith community, business community, and law enforcement affirmed how important it is to make sure Congress passes the bipartisan Dream Act immediately. You are invited to join us in adding your name in support of Dreamers by clicking here!

The Dream Act is a bipartisan solution which will provide Dreamers a pathway to citizenship while they pursue their career and educational aspirations. These young people were abandoned by the Administration a little more than a month ago, when it was announced that President Obama’s DACA program, which provided a temporary but protected status to Dreamers, would end. But now, to make matters worse, the Administration announced an indefensible list of demands for immigration policy that must be met before any solutions for Dreamers become law. These demands — calling for increased interior enforcement, an end to the family visa system, and more border militarization — have once again devastated immigrant families.

October 5th was the last day for DACA recipients to renew their status before the program is terminated on March 5, 2018. An estimated 34,000 renewals did not occur, leaving those Dreamers vulnerable for deportation in the coming months. The deadline was cruel and unreasonable for recipients, and nearly impossible for many Dreamers living in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico who were affected by hurricanes this past month.

Read the statement we released concerning the Dreamers here


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