Sister Anne Boyer: Leading in Prayer

Written on: December 19, 2017

“…in the spirit of love at this time of great unrest,”      From the Circle the Cities with Love pledge

In July, Sister Anne Boyer (Sister Mary Mark) led a gathering of Grey Nuns and our friends and neighbors in a brief but meaningful interlude of prayer and silent reflection. The gathering, at Holy Redeemer Lafayette Independent Living facility in Philadelphia, was part of the second global Circle the Cities with Love event. Sixty-five people came together there, joining groups engaged in the same ritual in cities all over the world.

The purpose of the event: to bring peace into peoples’ hearts and into the world.

It was impressive,” Sister Anne recalls. “People of all faiths coming together to sit in God-centered silence to pray for our nation. It was the opposite of all of the “noise” in recent months. Our nation needs healing and peace. This gathering, on a hot summer Sunday afternoon, was about something positive and spiritual: people of different faiths sitting together, unified by prayer and intention.”

Sister Anne and those gathered with her concluded the simple but moving event with a Prayer for our Nation, which ends with the words:

“We are your servants, willing to persevere in finding solutions for a peaceful Earth.In you, oh God, we place our trust. Amen.”

To support the ministry of Sister Anne Boyer, and other Sisters who like her, even in retirement, continue to serve the people of God, please follow the link below

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2 thoughts on “Sister Anne Boyer: Leading in Prayer

  1. Jane McLellan says:

    I am so impressed with the fact that Sr.
    Anne can add leading a prayer group to her many talents and abilities. I know Sister Anne would be the first to give God all the credit. Thanks so much for all you do!

  2. Lorraine Metz says:

    So happy to see the photo of Sr. Anne Boyer as she continues her mission of spreading peace and love. MIss you, Sr. Anne. Lorraine

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