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Written on: March 28, 2018

Jubilee marks a significant anniversary in the life of a Sister. This year we will be celebrating 50th, 60th and 70th Jubilees of seven Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.

Taken individually, celebrating these milestones in one’s vocation are a time of looking back and being grateful for the journey, the lives touched and the blessings received.

As Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart we celebrate together in the spirit of community, because this life is not about the effort of one individual, but the combined efforts of many together. For us, Jubilee is a time to be grateful for each other and all those who have supported us in prayer and community along the way. We rejoice in each other’s accomplishments because we minister as one.

No Sister could serve as she does with out the love, prayers and support of her Congregation, and no Congregation would exist without the love, prayers and ministry of each Sister. 

Jubilee time reminds us of this gift of Religious Life, the gift of our Vocation.

To celebrate these Sisters we will be sharing their stories on our website, through the blog, in our Jubilarian print publication and on Social Media.

We hope you enjoy reading about Sisters Dolores Fitzpatrick, Helen Martin and Mary O’Connell as they celebrate 70 years of religious life; Sisters Bernadette Marie Lalonde and Jean Liston celebrating 60 years; and Sisters Bridget Mary Connor and Nora Friel celebrating 50 years. That’s a combined 430 years of service to the People of God in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Kodiak and many other little corners of creation.

Jubilate Deo!

For stories of our Jubilarians, please visit our Jubilee page

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