GNSH Associates Meeting- 3/2018

Written on: March 16, 2018

The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart Associates met on March 10, 2018. Ten Associates, 2 Guests and 9 Sisters attended the gathering held at Holy Redeemer Lafayette. The group meets every second Saturday, from 10:00 am until Noon.

The Convener for this meeting was GNSH Associate, Janet Friedman.

Intentions were shared and held in prayer as the group prayed to the Eternal Father. 


Marguerite’s Gifts and Life Experiences ~ Competence

This month’s reading was based on St. Marguerite’s tenacity to overcome barriers and challenges, to be a voice for the poor, a great witness. St. Marguerite is appropriate to our times and a gift the the church. She had courage to show and use her talents. She understood her wisdom and how to apply it in life. St. Marguerite suffered humiliation, but knew to trust her competence.

  • How do we see ourselves as competent individuals?
  • How do we break through our setbacks?

Guidelines are not rules. They are meant to get us to another level, so that we can find the balance between deficiencies and virtues; learning to fall can help us get in another position; competence is not how we (perfectly) succeed, but how we get through issues and handle them with strength and courage.


Associates Working Retreat will be held on May 12 and on September 22

To prepare for this retreat, Associates and Sisters were asked to reflect and turn in answers to the the following questions:

  1. How do Associates see ourselves?
  2. For the Sisters, How do the Sisters see us?
  3. As Associates, what can we do, moving forward, that is in the best interest of living our charism?
  4. What are the Sisters’ inspirations as their sharing can motivate us in connecting to St. Marguerite and the mission?


  • St. John Hospice – 3rd Wednesday of  the month. Volunteers are always welcome.
  • Pull tabs  are being collected
  • Donations are accepted and will be used for various causes.
  • Sts. Joseph/Vincent Home pizza party will be held for the children on Friday, April 20, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 4 to 6 Associates needed; Associates have signed up to participate.
  • Francis House of Prayer (Retreat Center) run by Sr. Marci Springer, Willingboro, NJ each month; Upcoming dates are: Friday March 16, Friday April 20, Monday May 7,  and Wednesday May 23; 39 Springside Rd, Westhampton, NJ 08060. More information available on their website:
  • GNSH Jubilee – All GNSH Associates are invited to attend. Saturday April 28, 4:00 at Nativity (invitation sent via email).
  • Eco-spirituality Annual Retreat Weekend: Friday June 22 – Sunday June 24; Sr. Linda Greg  from Ottawa will be the guest speaker. This year’s theme is Cosmology, Trinity, Incarnation.

Next meeting – April 14, Mimi volunteered to be convener 

The meeting concluded with a prayer to Divine Providence.

For more information about our Associates, please check out their page!  Click here

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