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Written on: November 30, 2018

The mission of our Grey Nun Earth Committee is to:

“facilitate a culture of eco-spirituality through prayer, advocacy and action on behalf of our common home.”

One way we will flesh out this mission is to insert a specific prayer for the Earth in the “Prayer Requests” that are sent out from our Central Office.  Each prayer is distinct but always linked to Earth Charter principles that call for ecological integrity and respect for Earth and life in all its diversity. Look for these special prayers, which will be printed in GREEN along with our heart logo, to begin in early February, and join in praying this way for the healing of our common home.
The Earth Charter Quotes  are highlighted each Thursday on our Social Media sites. Please like and share!

Our Grey Nun charism opens us to engage in all of the environmental issues addressed in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si.  We are compelled to care for our common home.

So, at this critical time in global efforts to mitigate the disastrous effects of Climate Warming, our Grey Nun Earth Committee has renewed its intention to facilitate a culture of eco-spirituality for our sisters, associates and friends.

The committee has enlarged its membership and set goals for the year ahead. In 2019, we will use Part I and Part II of the Earth Charter as our focus, encompassing “Respect and care for the community of life” and “Ecological Integrity.

Our challenge is to re-awaken and support our Earth Charter Stance through prayer opportunities, advocacy and direct action on behalf of our common home. Please pray for the success of our efforts.

The statement above is one such effort…Please look for our posts on our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

More information about our Eco-Spirituality may be found here.


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