Sisters Visit Grey Nun Academy

Written on: November 9, 2018

On October 1 the Sisters at Lafayette and The Plaza were invited to be little kids again, at least for a morning!

Grey Nun Academy Pre K through second grade hosted the opportunity. After being warmly greeted by three upper level students, time was spent in the kindergarten room with the Pre K and K children and their teachers learning all about colors through song and dance and rhythm sticks. This also meant the Sisters had to carefully follow fun directions!

When those lessons were learned, the Sisters were escorted to the Raphael Room where they were treated, not tricked, to Halloween Bingo with the first and second graders at sitting with each Sister as a “helper.”  There, they discovered that everyone is a winner so everyone went home with a prize after having a lovely lunch and plenty of time to visit. There was also time to visit the former Motherhouse chapel.

From Sister Diane Bardol, one of the participants,

While the events of the morning can be put into a few sentences, we all know that this delightful event took an enormous amount of planning and organizing, not to say disruption of schedules. We are most grateful to Mary Beth Flatley, Campus Minister for dreaming up and organizing this “Funday Monday” and for the PreK, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Teachers and their assistants who orchestrated the day. While Deborah Kost, Head of School would say she had little to do with the event, her blessing was the wind beneath the sails that took us back to our teachings days.”

Many thanks for all you do at GNA and may St. Marguerite d’Youville continue to be your inspiration. View pictures here!

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