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Written on: February 11, 2019

Here are some excellent resources on U.S.  immigration that just came in from LCWR Immigration Coalition. To access, click on the blue underlined topics below. We hope these prove useful to you.

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Today, immigration dominates the headlines, but the public conversation is often riddled with misinformation and misstatements.

We believe in honest conversations driven by the facts, not fear. To ensure you have accurate information as you engage in your communities, we’ve collected some of our most helpful fact sheets.

  1. Understanding the basics

The U.S. immigration system is complex and difficult to understand. These resources provide key data points, historical information, and background on hot topics in immigration.

  1. Why inhumane immigration enforcement is problematic

Every human deserves basic dignity and respect. These materials explain how an unchecked immigration enforcement system can steal away basic rights—and have serious consequences that affect children and extend to communities.

  1. Encouraging innovation and economic prosperity

Everyone in America prospers when we attract and retain newcomers who work shoulder to shoulder with American workers. These publications highlight various aspects of economic contributions.

  1. State by State Impact

These resources will arm you with facts to help you promote a fair and just immigration system—one that opens its doors to those in need of protection and unleashes the energy and skills that immigrants bring.

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