Lenten Reflection March 15-16

Written on: March 13, 2019

This week’s reflection comes from Sr. Bridget Mary Connor.

Sr. Bridget is a published author and has taught young children through adults. She enjoys finding connections between science and theology. In her free-time, Sr. Bridget enjoys painting, walking and biking.

2nd Sunday of Lent: Gospel of Luke 9:28b-36

Jesus took Peter, John and James and went up the mountain to pray. While he was praying his face changed appearance and his clothing became dazzling white. And behold, two men were conversing with him. Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glory and spoke of his exodus that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem”…Lk 9: 28b-30

Within a few sentences of this Gospel there are two major themes: transfiguration and exodus.  Without using the word “transfiguration” Luke describes it; Jesus’ face changed appearance and his clothing became dazzling white. It must have been an astounding experience for Peter, James and John. And, if that weren’t enough, they see and hear Moses and Elijah conversing with Jesus about his exodus!

What are we 21st century hearers of the Word to understand from this extraordinary happening?

Reflect on a personal event or events in your life. When have you been changed spiritually or been changed in some new way?

  • Was it after suffering?
  • After the loss of a loved one, an experience of pain in a relationship?
  • At a time of suffering we are vulnerable.

In our vulnerability, reflection on difficult events sometimes gives us clarity of vision.  We become more aware of change that is needed or the path that is required. The journey will still be difficult but we know it is the right path, a path that leads us and others to life. Will a small change in our life depend on seeing things differently and going forth into freedom?

Early in his public life, Jesus knew his mission was to love us and to be faithful in his love for us:

  • He held his hand out to the Samaritan woman and touched the untouchable.
  • He healed the blind and the lame.
  • He forgave the sinner.

His way of doing things, though, made enemies. Jesus’ journey will take him to Jerusalem where he will accomplish his exodus. We know his death and resurrection brought us freedom. We are urged to take the journey that brings us life, to follow Jesus. He is hope for us as we face our own small transfiguration, a new insight, one that will give us life, and life for those around us, and the path to freedom.

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9 thoughts on “Lenten Reflection March 15-16

  1. Sr. Maria Christi Drysdale, G.N.S.H says:

    Better late than never Bridget, to acknowledge your insight to the Faith-sharing experience of the Transfiguration.
    During the past two years, I have certainly gone through an “eye-opener” to changes in my life that has caused me to reflect on what God wants of me as I journey as with Him at this stage of my life.

  2. Sister Jean Liston says:

    Dear Bridget,
    Your reflection gave me a new perspective on the Transfiguration. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight.

  3. Michael McClure says:

    Your writing kept tugging me back.

  4. Sr. Mary Teresa LaBrake says:

    Dear Bridget
    A simple, clear, description of transfiguration. It reminds me that Jesus transfigures us when we don’t know it is happening. We learn of it through others who point it out to us. Thanks be to God .

  5. Sr. Mary Joan Elias says:

    Thank you, Bridget for a very thoughtful reflection. It is both simplistic and profound. It gives me much to ponder at a most difficult time.

  6. Sr. Mary Joan Elias says:

    Thank you, Bridget for a beautifully simplistic yet profound meditation. It gives me much to pray about at a most difficult time.


  7. Pat Mirabile says:

    Sister Bridget: Your reflection today came just in time for me. Issues in relationships can tie you down or set you free. Following Jesus always leads to freedom! Folks like me just need to be reminded of that sometimes and today, you reminded me! Thank you so much and God bless you ! By the way, this is the first time I read one of the grey nun reflections but be sure, it will not be the last thanks again !

  8. Sister Anne Boyer says:

    Dear Sr. Bridget,
    Thank you for giving me a hope-filled insight/application to daily living.

  9. Sr. Denise Roche says:

    Very thoughtful reflection, Bridget. You put a great amount of thought for our reflection in a few words.


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