GNSHappenings- April 2019

Written on: April 30, 2019

Plaza Sisters- Bring Your Mug:  On two evenings during Lent, the Sisters at the Plaza gathered to share a simple meal of soup and bread. At Sr. Mary Lee’s suggestion,  this sharing came with welcoming hospitality, great conversation, and even a deepening commitment to care of the planet . The Youtube selections, provided by Sr. Ceil,  were about Diet for a Healthy Planet and How Hard It Is to Recycle.  Some Plaza residents reported that they dare not grocery shop any longer without reusable bags!  Some are working with the Plaza management to try to encourage “clean” recycling by everyone who lives there.  Meanwhile, we recommend Soup Nights for the soul – a wonderful experience of community! Sharing the soups prepared by Sisters Mary Lee Farrell, Eileen Spanier, Diane Bardol and Ceil Cosgrove, while engaging in meaningful conversation, was nourishing to the body and mind.  Contributed by Srs. Eileen Spanier and Eileen White

The Last Days of Jesus: A Spiritual Journey Through Holy Week

On Saturday, April  13, Sr. Patricia Geary , GNSH, shared her remarkable knowledge of scripture and theology with the Associates, Sisters and friends. Sr. Patsy led the group through the last week of Jesus’s life combining the 4 Gospel accounts to give a full picture of what that week was like for Jesus and His followers, beginning with the triumphant entry into Jerusalem and ending with the cross and resurrection. All present agreed that this experience breathed new life, and a new perspective into Holy Week for those who attended. And, like any good teacher, we were even sent away with homework!

Lenten Retreat at Magnificat
Submitted by: Jane Selinske

A three-day Lenten Retreat was held at the Magnificat Center March 29- 31. The Presenters were Sr. Anita M. Constance, S.C. and Kathleen A. Deltet, D. Min. The retreat was titled “People of the Passion”  and was offered to Sisters and laity living at Magnificat and other Sisters. Attendees included Sisters Mary Sue Thomas and Marie Therese Staiger, along with Sisters John Helen Main, Julia Lanigan, Mary Karen Kelly, Jo Patti, Pierrette Remillard, Mary O’Connell (pictured here), Dolores Fitzpatrick and Dawn Gear.
Retreatants shared their experiences of encountering the People of the Passion through discussion, prayer reflection and ritual. This is the third year for our annual retreat and the Sisters enter wholeheartedly into it.  View more photos of the retreat here!

Celebrate Earth Day!
Submitted by: Sr. Barbara Harrington

April 27th and 28th were set for Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart and Associates to join in an hour of listening and sharing for the sake of the Earth. The resource they used was a video from a Catholic Covenant webinar  “Why the Faith Community Holds the Key to Climate Change.”  The speaker is Dr. Maibach, a professor from George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change. His 30 minute talk was shown, followed by a discussion time. The video is available here on YouTube.

As followers of St. Marguerite D’Youville, we invite everyone to reach out in thankful prayer for our Mother Earth and to foster greater care for our common home, which Pope Francis describes as “among the most abandoned and maltreated of the poor.”

Grey Nun Academy Emerald Gala

On Saturday April 6, Grey Nun Academy held its annual Gala event. This year, the 55th Anniversary of the school was celebrated with Sisters Diane Bardol, Dolores Beatty, Marlene Butler, Bridget Connor, Dawn Gear, Julia Lanigan, Mary Elizabeth Looby, Denise Roche and Barbara Schiavoni  in attendance.

At the event, Sister Denise Roche, GNSH, as President of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, was presented with a lovely plaque honoring the historical importance and the contributions of the GNSH throughout the years.

The plaque reads:


View photos of the event here

Happy Birthday to our Sisters and employees who celebrated their special day in April: Sr. Mary Karen Kelly (10) Sr. Ceil Cosgrove (14), Chris Domzalski  (18), Sr. Maureen O’Hara (22), Sr. Mary Elizabeth Looby (26), Sr. Kay Purser and Maureen Goodall (30).

And, so we can celebrate in advance:

Those celebrating in May are: Sr. Frances William Avery (8), Sr. Mary McMahon (29), and Sr. Mary Charlotte Barton (31– Feast Day)

May the year ahead hold many blessings for you!

By the way, those are DATES, not AGES! 

Be sure to check out our photo albums which can be found here.

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