Mission Trips Unpacked

Written on: April 30, 2019

Sisters Eileen White, Diane Bardol and Mary Elizabeth Looby returned home from their Mission trips energized/exhausted and with lots of stories to tell and things to share. They were invited to share on their experiences at an evening presentation at Holy Redeemer Lafayette.

On April 11, Sisters, Associates and residents of Holy Redeemer Lafayette listened as Sisters Diane Bardol with Eileen White, and Mary Elizabeth Looby talked about their recent mission experiences.

Sister Eileen had sent almost daily posts which are on our blog, but actually hearing her and Sister Diane talk about their border experience was very moving. They spoke of the kindness and generosity of the people who were seeking asylum. They told stories that in normal circumstances would be, just that, normal, but under the conditions at the border were extraordinary. One of the most moving photos they showed was of a group of about 30, mostly men, kneeling in front of  a crucifix at Nazareth House.

Sister Mary Elizabeth took many photos in Ghana. She told us of how the children would come up to her, so anxious to touch her soft, white hair, so very different from their own! We saw the clothing that was made for that week’s visitors in honor of a  grotto dedication. She told us of how the people danced, and made her dance, too, as they celebrated the coming of the doctors and teachers who would care for the children and the villagers. The PowerPoint she showed is available Ghana 2019.

As they showed photos and shared stories, those in the audience were transported with them to El Paso, Texas and Sang, Ghana. We heard quite clearly that we are all one family, and we all want the same things for the world’s children: the basic necessities of life, something to be joyful about, and peace.

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