Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Written on: May 15, 2019

” I make all things new”


Acts 14: 21-27
Psalm 145: 8-9, 10-11, 12-13
Book of Revelations 21: 1-5a
Gospel of John 13: 31-33a, 34-35

Easter and springtime with the earth bursting into new life speaks of resurrection.

Luke reminds us that the newness doesn’t always come without many trials. Witness nature struggling to return to fullness- bulbs sending shoots through hardened or frozen ground, the butterfly breaking from its transforming cocoon, the baby chick pecking its way out of the shell, the woman in labor.

Jesus’ life was one of bringing about newness through:

  • healing the wounded of body and spirit,
  • welcoming the rejected,
  • uplifting the sorrowing,
  • sharing life with the outsider.

It was a life not without trial.

Jesus showed us how to live with love for one another and now leaves it to us to take up the mission. How awesome is it that we are entrusted with continuing to look after one another and all of creation?

We have so many ways to imitate that life of Jesus- to invite and include, to uplift and replenish.

Our world needs healing.  All around us are the wounded, the outcast, the broken.  We struggle together with our relationship to the universe, and to one another.

Each of us is uniquely gifted.  May we not fear to freely give of that unique gift we have been so freely given.

Love makes all things new!

Sister Dolores O’Dowd lives and ministers in Albion, New York. Sr. Dolores was one of the first Chaplains for women at Albion Prison. After her retirement, she began volunteering and is now a spiritual caregiver with Hospice of Orleans County. “I have always enjoyed working with people- seeing their growth and supporting them through difficult times. Both positions have provided ample opportunities for that.”

7 thoughts on “Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

  1. Julia Lanigan says:

    Thanks for sharing your unique gifted-ness with us and reminding us to be a healing and reconciling presence in our world.

  2. Jean Liston, GNSH says:

    Inspiring insights to ponder. Thanks.

  3. Michael McClure says:

    Can’t wish you a blessed Easter Sunday due to messaging constraints.

  4. Michael McClure says:

    Have a blessed Easter Sunday.

  5. Mary Ellen Banks says:

    A beautiful practical way of looking at one’s life from the inside out. As a widow of 18 months, I find I am the one who has to make it rain in the Spring of my current situation. I have worked in the helping professions since D’Youville days more than 50 years ago. Now I find that as I take charge of re-ordering my life, that it is my increasing re-engagement with others, both with old and new friends, that I am the one feeling more connected and energized. Your reflections synthesized the thought and work necessary to help oneself by helping others. Thank You!

  6. Michael McClure says:

    Thank you for sharing your reflection. Your faith presents me with challenges. I have been thinking about how to address these challenges in my life. I hope I can.

  7. Eileen White says:

    Dolores, I loved your reflection and especially your examples from nature of the struggle necessary to return to fullness or bring forth new life! Thank you for sharing your faith with us.

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