Feast of the Sacred Heart

Written on: June 28, 2019

It has become a tradition for the President of the Congregation to write a letter to the Sisters for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. The following comes from Sister Denise Roche, president of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.

Dear Sisters,

Once again we celebrate, as a congregation, the beautiful feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As we approach it, I am reminded of Lowell Glendon, S.S., who spoke to us years ago about the Four Metaphors of our congregation, one of which is the Sacred Heart. He taught us that our spiritual life flows from these metaphors. They help us to be comfortable with questions that seem to have no “yes” or “no” answer and help us to hold and balance contradiction.

What does the metaphor of the Sacred Heart mean to you? What does it say to you about your own spiritual life? Is it a symbol of God’s constant, deep love for you and for all of creation? What does that love call out in you? How does it impel you to live your own life? Does it assure you that God is with you in good times and in difficult times? Does it deepen your desire to be a “metaphor” or a constant symbol of God’s enduring love to others? To you?

As I reflect on the Litany of the Sacred Heart, so beautifully depicted in the chapel windows of our former Motherhouse, I am reminded that God is “patient and rich in mercy” and that Jesus is the living, loving person who symbolized that love through a life lived among us.

Jesus, patient and rich in mercy, sign of God’s abundant love, please live in us!

My love to each of you on this, our feast!

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