With Love to all GNA Alums

Written on: August 22, 2019

Joanne Cornell, one of the real “greats” at Grey Nun Academy, sent this message to all of us — She also sent a basket of flowers, including daisies for St. Marguerite which were placed in front of her statue in the sanctuary for the Mass of Farewell to Grey Nun Academy: 

I am deeply saddened that I am unable to be with you today. May Marguerite’s daisies represent my loving presence among you.

To our exceptional faculty and staff—

To the dear families who welcomed us into the education of their children —

And, to our students, our beloved charges. You were and always will be an important part of our lives, well loved then-  well loved now.

You have represented GNA so well by who you are and how you live your lives. You will be among the last to do so. Be true to yourselves and stay true to your values. Pass these values, so dear to us, on to your children.

Always remember what a treasure each of you is to us.

My heart breaks at this closing!
My heart soars at all to come!
Make it happen.

As always, I have faith in you.

Much love, Joanne Cornell

Reflection from Jean Kuhn

Remember, Celebrate, Believe! Sr. Dolores Beatty

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