GNSHappenings- November 2019

Written on: November 27, 2019

Hands to the Needy– takes on new meaning

Back in June, three Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart decided to help spread the missionary work of the Medical Mission Sisters by assisting with sorting clothes at the MMS thrift Shop. All proceeds from the sale of clothes and household items support their missionary works. With some free time, and sorting and organizing skills to share, Sisters Dawn Gear, Anne Zita Crudden, and Jane O’Connor (pictured here) began this labor of love.

The three Sisters go once a week and, under the direction of Marilyn Reyes, the store coordinator, work to bring order to donated clothes.  Recently Sr. Anne Zita came across a lovely sweatshirt with a beautiful Claddagh on it and couldn’t resist a “good buy.”  Sister Denise, MMS, who helps oversee the store, was happy to welcome more hands in this important work which benefits both the poor of the local area as well as their missionary work.  When asked why they choose to spend their Mondays at MMS thrift store  Sisters Jane and Anne Zita responded:

“Our Grey Nun vows state that we dedicate ourselves:  ‘…to the service and education of the poor and all those in need…’  We believe, helping the Medical Mission Sisters in their service to the poor, is an extension of our own mission.”  

View photos from the Thrift Shop here

Philadelphia Area Associates

Some of the Philadelphia area GNSHAssociates renewed their commitment in the presence of Sr. Denise Roche, GNSH on November 9.  Pictured left to right are Sr. Denise, Maureen McElroy, Nancy Lombardo, Nancy McDonald, Angel Conicelli, Carol Pawlowski,  and Pat Sears. Thank you, good women, for your friendship, loyalty, and love of St. Marguerite!

ARTIS Senior Living

Sisters gathered at Artis Senior living to celebrate Sr. Joan Daly’s birthday in November. Pictured here with Sr. Joan being a good sport and wearing the cake-hat, are Sr. Denise Roche and Jane Selinske.

Marguerite’s Pantry

Our 23rd Thanksgiving at Marguerite’s Pantry- served turkeys and lots of food to more than 200 families- thanks to all volunteers and benefactors for helping us continue St. Marguerite d’Youville’s service to the poor.  Many thanks to the American Brotherhood Motorcycle Club for helping our effort!

View more photos here!

Understanding Dementia

Casual conversation with someone who has dementia can be difficult. A usual way to engage others is to ask a question. But, if the person has dementia, there are two things to keep in mind with this:

  1. If you know the person’s recent activity and ask about it, ask a general question like, “Have you gone anywhere recently?”
  2. Don’t expect a particular answer.
  3. Be prepared for the unexpected.

You may know that there was a trip to a local restaurant, but your person may or may not remember that, or what they had to eat. If your first question opens them up to talking, just take it all in without correcting. If they reply along the lines of, “I never go anywhere anymore,” be prepared to talk about something else, or suggest taking a walk around the facility.

Bringing magazines, photo albums and even flowers or treats gives you an experience to share with the person, rather than a test of their skills. Never ask if they remember someone in a photo, but allow them to tell you who they think the person is– correct or not. We sometimes think it is kind to remember for the person, but their reality is that you may remember something they don’t. Maybe ask, “Do you like to bake?” rather than, “I always loved those cookies you made.” 

Submitted by Maryellen Glackin

Happy December Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to our Sisters who will celebrate their special day in December: Sr. Eileen White (12) and Sr. Barbara Ann Pollock (24) 

May the year ahead hold many blessings for you!

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