Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter-2020

Written on: April 15, 2020

Readings for Sunday, April 19

First Reading: Acts 2: 42-27
Second Reading: 1st Peter 1: 3-9
Gospel: John 20: 19-31

Easter is an odd time.

Does it fit into our society today? Think about it. There are no lights and decorations in the neighborhood, no exchanging of gifts, no cute children dressed for a church play. In the last few days of Holy Week we deal with scenes of violence, religious corruption, political strife and a traitor on the Board of Disciples. This is not too far removed from our government today!!

We read in John’s Gospel that his disciples were locked in a room for fear of the Jews and Jesus came and stood in their midst and wished them Peace. John makes us share in the emotions felt by the Apostles in their meeting with Christ after his Resurrection. The last few days have been ugly. We seek comfort from our religious beliefs not crucifixion and confrontation with death.

In today’s Gospel we hear that all who believed were together and had all things in common. We are experiencing this now in keeping a safe distance but checking in on each other.

In today’s Gospel Jesus has given the apostles the power of priesthood to “forgive sins” and Jesus wants them to extend mercy to all humanity. This is Divine Mercy Sunday and the picture associated with today shows two rays of light, coming from Jesus’ heart, which are to illuminate the whole world. These rays of light represent blood and water and Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Spirit. It shows that God’s merciful love continues to spread over all of us.

Jesus also repeats “Peace to you” that goes beyond a simple greeting and suggests that peace is to accompany the disciples in their forth coming assignments: to bring life, light and truth to their mission.

Let us do this every day.

Sr. Cathy Bleiler, a native Philadelphian, worked most of her religious life as a Primary/Preschool teacher in the Buffalo area.   In retirement, she enjoys watching movies, going to the theater, cooking and traveling to see family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter-2020

  1. Joan McElwain says:

    Thanks for the reflection Cathy

  2. Joan McElwain says:

    Thanks for the reflection Cathy.

  3. Jean liston says:

    Thank you, Cathy for sharing your spiritual insight with us. This is a time when we need the comfort of God’s love and mercy.

    1. Sr.cathy Bleiler says:

      Thanks, Jean

  4. Rita Margraff says:

    Cathy, thank you for this reflection. I especially liked your comparison between Christmas and Easter. The joy at Easter is different. The great mystery of love made at Christmas fulfilled here in resurrection.

    1. Sr.cathy Bleiler says:

      Thanks Rita!

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