Our 2020 Jubilarians

Written on: May 11, 2020

The Jubilee Celebration theme for this year is “Every day I marvel at Divine Providence…it provides for everything. St. Marguerite d’Youville”  We are pleased to announce the names of our Sisters who celebrate 70 and 60 years as Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart in 2020. We rejoice with, congratulate and thank the following 11 Sisters for their combined 700 Years of dedicated service:

70 Years

Sister Anne Boyer (Mary Mark)

“…a special grace in my life was to find that I was happy at whatever I was called to do and wherever I was sent.”

Sister Mary Joan Elias

“Many of the areas in which I served have enriched my life with opportunities for growth and lifelong friendships.”

Sister Mary Finnick (St. Patricia)

“I am grateful to the congregation for my education, for their support and for all the opportunities that have been given to me over these many years.”

Sister Kathryn Healy (Catherine Marie)

“I have deep gratitude for all my years as a Grey Nun. God has blessed me with great friends and abundant blessings.”

60 Years

Sister Anne Zita Crudden

“One special thing that has continually enriched my life is the gift of music. Whether during liturgical celebrations with the Medical Mission Sisters, or in quiet times, a song will always lift my spirits.”

Sister Joan Daly (Joseph Eileen)

“Walking the road in the spirit of St. Marguerite has been full of challenges, blessings, learnings and love. God has walked with me and shown me the way and continues to be present with me every day.”

Sister Maria Christi Drysdale

“Praise and thanksgiving to God who called me and has truly blessed me a hundredfold with a good life and the energy to serve in a variety of ministries over the years.”

Sister Joan Marie McCann (Madeline Marie)

“My response to God’s persistent call to religious life for sixty years, in particular to the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, has been filled with joy, blessings, challenges and peace.”

Sister Ann McKee (Ann of the Sacred Heart)

“I look forward to celebrating these sixty years as a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart. It has always been a blessing to share life and stories with others. I give thanks to our Lord who has always been a presence in my life and who walks with me daily.”

Sister Martha Moyle (Mary Aloysius)

“My life is a rich tapestry that Divine Providence has skillfully created from my life’s experiences, in bits of varying shades of colors and hues.

Sister Karen Marie Voltz

“…the twenty-eight years as GNSH Mission Co-coordinator expanded my vision and graced me in a way only Divine Providence could design.”

4 thoughts on “Our 2020 Jubilarians

  1. Joan Elias Pulley says:

    A beautiful group of dedicated women, my Aunt Joan Elias among them. I was looking so forward to celebrating with you on Sunday but will be eagerly awaiting the celebration when it is rescheduled.

  2. Susan Fiori says:

    We all give thanks for all of God’s work you have done. We give thanks for being an inspiration to all who know you . Thank you for sharing your faith. Sister Moyle my kids send greetings to you , Susan Fiori

    1. Sr. Martha Moyle says:

      Thank you Susan. Give my love to your children. I hope you are all well.

      Sr. Martha

  3. Ed Lawrence says:

    They have made the world a better place because they were the face of Christ to so many. God bless you, sisters.

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