Sister Anne Zita Crudden- 60th Jubilee

Written on: May 6, 2020

Sister Anne Zita is in the process of writing the story of her very interesting life which began in St. Vincent’s Orphanage in Philadelphia.  She began living with her adoptive parents first as a foster child at age three and then was adopted when she was 5. She met the Grey Nuns when attending summer camp run by the Grey Nuns at Melrose Academy before becoming a pupil at the grade school and the high school. Her early years in the congregation found her teaching in a variety of schools where Grey Nuns ministered, which was standard procedure for young sisters in those days. She especially enjoyed teaching in the fifth and sixth grades and, after earning a Master’s degree in Reading from St. Bonaventure University, she specialized in Reading and English. This degree also led her to work with Loyola Press as a reading and religion consultant for ten years and as a Reading Clinician and Associate Director of The Reading Connection for twenty years.  Through this work, she learned about reading disabilities and was able to train other teachers to recognize them. A most interesting part of her journey came later in life, when she connected with her biological mother and family, a very happy reunion for her. Sister Zita, as she is known by her Grey Nun sisters, loves her life at Holy Redeemer Lafayette and loves singing with the Centennial Singers.


During these sixty years as a Grey Nun, I have received countless joys and blessings. Since retirement from full time ministry, I have been involved with helping to lead prayer services for our residents of Holy Redeemer Lafayette and providing rides to doctors’ appointments and shopping trips for our sisters who no longer drive.  One special thing that has continually enriched my life is the gift of music.  Whether during liturgical celebrations with the Medical Mission Sisters, or in quiet times, a song will always lift my spirits. I am a proud member of the Centennial Singers, led by an excellent director. We sing a variety of secular and sacred music to share with a variety of audiences twice a year. 

7 thoughts on “Sister Anne Zita Crudden- 60th Jubilee

  1. Marilyn Macfarlane says:

    Congratulations Sister. I enjoyed reading about your journey. I am sure you have made many smile with your kindness as well as your music. I am very happy you and I got to meet at the Melrose a Reunion last October. Stay well,

  2. Dot Preston Barbera ‘69 says:

    Congratulations Sister on your 60th Jubilee! Thank you for sharing your story. You certainly have led an interesting life. Wishing you health and happiness.

  3. Barb Casacio Remaley says:

    So happy to have been a small part of your journey. Barb, Class of 1960 Melrose Academy. ⚘

  4. Nancy Gormley Schaub says:

    Many blessings, Sister.

  5. Joe Tebo GNSHA says:

    Sr. Anne Zita
    Congratulations on your sixty jubilee. Many Blessings on your special year. I am also a St. Bonaventure Alum.
    The Potsdam Associates
    Mary, Rose and Joe

  6. Norman Kremer says:

    Congratulations Sr Zita on your 60th Jubilee. I hope all is well. Wishing you health and happiness during this crazy time.

  7. Dotty Fox says:

    Thank you Sr. Anne Zita for sharing the beautiful story of your life. It is especially timely since this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Having been a teacher all my adult life and an adoptive mother of two myself, your story resonated with me. Continued blessings!

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