Sister Karen Marie Voltz- 60th Jubilee

Written on: May 6, 2020

“The people I visit give more to me than I give to them. They are faith-filled people and never complain about their illnesses, loneliness or pain.” Sister Karen Marie meets these wonderful people as Pastoral Associate at St. Margaret’s Parish in Buffalo, NY. She brings Communion to the homebound and visits them on a regular basis. This is a change from her life of ministry in education.

Sister Karen was born in Buffalo and educated by the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart in elementary and high school at Holy Angels School and Holy Angels Academy respectively. After fourteen years teaching elementary school in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and in the New York area, she earned a Master’s degree at Providence College in Theology and Scripture and for 37 years taught Religion and served as Campus Minister at her alma mater, Holy Angels Academy. These years allowed her to have an impact on the lives of young women and for her, were very special years. Sister Karen served for many years as Mission Coordinator for the Grey Nun congregation and traveled extensively to parishes throughout the country to speak of the Grey Nuns missions in Kodiak and Lima, Peru and later, through the Propagation of the Faith, to raise funds for their continuance.  

During these sixty years, I have been so very, very blessed! I look back with an overwhelming sense of gratitude to God! The Grey Nuns who taught me at Holy Angels Grade School, Holy Angels Academy, and D’Youville College enriched me beyond academics.  The Grey Nuns that I lived with, taught alongside, became friends with, and those that came into my life in a variety of situations, modeled the charism of St. Marguerite for me. I have been blessed by my family, friends, and all those who touched my life at Melrose Academy in Philadelphia, Blessed Sacrament in Jackson Heights, St. Joseph’s Home in Ogdensburg, Holy Angels Academy in Buffalo, and St. Margaret Parish in Buffalo. So many, many wonderful people are etched in my memories and prayers! Finally, the twenty-eight years as GNSH Mission Co-coordinator expanded my vision, and graced me in a way only Divine Providence could design. I am so blessed, and so grateful to God for every day of these sixty years!

36 thoughts on “Sister Karen Marie Voltz- 60th Jubilee

  1. Miguel Sueiras says:

    Sister I want to thank you for planting a seed with your Bible teaching. God Bless you!

  2. John Thoms says:

    Good morning Sister – a belated congratulations on your 60th. I think you were my 6th grade religion teacher at IHM in Atlanta in 1976-7. If so, I wanted to let you know that I think of you and your lessons often, and although I may not have been the best student then, I appreciate you more with every passing year.

    If you are not my teacher, please know that I have read the comments from others, and I want to thank you for what you’ve done for them.

    I wish you many years of health and happiness

  3. Michael Pecht Melrose '67 says:

    Congratulations and thank you Sister Karen Marie. In retrospect, you made the biggest difference in my life. Sixth grade at Melrose Academy was a turning point for me: you showed me that I could succeed in school. Sixth grade was a special time, and I think I even had perfect attendance. Melrose was a wonderful place, and I have the best memories of the classroom, the basketball court, the Grey Nuns, the Garden Party and my classmates. Every child should have a teacher that believes in their talents.
    You made learning exciting, and fifty years later I am still excited to open a book and explore new worlds.
    Thank you again.

  4. Janice Kelly Nunziata says:

    Blessings and congratulations on your 60th Jubilee as a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart.

    Sr. Karen Marie, you were my 6th grade teacher in 1967/68 at Blessed Sacreament in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City, NY. I believe you were at BSS for only that year. Classes back then were very large (50 + students) but you were warm and caring but yet could be stern when needed. You were very special and made a lasting impression on me.

    You wore the “old” habit back then but we did not have a class picture taken that year. Do you have a photo that you could share of you in the “old” habit as I would love to see it?

  5. Joe Tebo GNSHA says:

    Sr. Karen Marie
    Congratulations as you celebrate your sixty jubilee with your Sisters in Buffalo. Hopefully after this is all over, the Sisters can all celebrate in Philadelphia. Many Blessings on your special year.

  6. K.C. and Jody Werick, School Nurse and School Secretary at HAA says:

    Congratulations and all best wishes on your 60th anniversary! We cannot believe it’s your 60th! (You certainly don’t look it!) Though we never had you for religion class, we had the pleasure of working with you for years at Holy Angels Academy. What beautiful memories. We’ll never forget how you loved the students, and your beautiful graduations! You were such an important part of that wonderful school! Sending our love to you always but especially on this occasion! Best from the Wericks–K.C. and Jody (And Peg and Mickey, too)

  7. Laura Polian says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie! What an example you have been of living for Christ and sharing the love of Christ with generations of people! Your commitment to prayer and praying for others as a class was instrumental, I believe, in helping us young women think outside of our own lives and consider all of our neighbors as Jesus commanded. As a parent, I have shared your prayer and lesson “to lose graciously or win graciously.” Thank you for dedicating your life to sharing Christ with those around you!
    God bless you.
    Laura Maggiotto Polian
    HAA 1995

  8. Carol Falzone Serra says:

    Congrats Sister Karen Marie for an amazing career.
    I have never forgotten “The Lord is my Shepard..”
    and many more memories.

  9. Bill Sampson says:

    Thank You Sister Karen Marie for the kindness and your example of the spirit of Christ you shared with my daughters at HAA.

  10. Kerry Waple says:

    Congrats Sr. Karen Marie! What an incredible gift you are to all of us, past and present. You’re patience and dedication, to a bunch of “unruly” teenagers at times, was part of your impact on our great education at HAA! 60th Jubilee and still going strong, what a mission! Thank you and God bless!

    Kerry Waple
    Class of 1982

  11. Ann Margaret Skowron Scherrer, Class of 1984 says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie! Thank you for all you have done over the years for the many young ladies who have passed through those doors! Wishing you many blessings and happiness in the years to come!

  12. Dayna Herritage Smith says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie. 60 years of being a wonderful teacher is such an accomplishment and a blessing. You are an example to fulfilling your call in life, and having God’s favor.
    Dayna Herritage Smith
    Class of 1984

  13. Judy Thomas says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie, this is so well deserved! So many fantastic memories from my years at HAA, and they are that much more special because of you and everything you taught us. So awesome!

  14. Dottie gallagher says:

    Well it’s hard to believe that you have 60 years of service. Thank you for all you have done for all those you’ve met. From both my daughter Paige Cohen and my self we wish you every happiness! God bless you!

  15. Donnessia Black says:

    Congrats Sister Karen Marie.Thank you for your service.

    Donnessia Black
    HAA Class of ’90

  16. Michelle Parker Saj 1984 says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie!!!! Thank you for all the great memories!

  17. Maria Ciccia Renner says:

    Congratulations on your jubilee!! Thank you everything you did for us a HAA! Class of 1995

  18. Tammy says:

    Congratulations!! You were one of my favorites!
    Tammy artman-haggerty
    Class of 1985

  19. Jen (Neubecker) Windnagel - Class of 1995 says:

    Congratulations, Sister Karen Marie! I have many fond memories of our time together at HAA. The one that stands out the most is how compassionate you were towards my friend, Beth, who was struggling through a cancer diagnosis. You asked about her often and even let her come shadow me for a day. You were always kind, yet firm, which I needed and appreciate more now than I did then. 🙂 I have since gone on to be an educator, school counselor, wife and mom (to both biological and foster/adopted children). Thank you for how well you loved all us girls during our (sometimes unruly) high school days! You planted seeds in me that I didn’t see grow for many, many years!

  20. Matthew Moran, Head of School BASIS Peoria says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie on 60 years of service, and a giving heart! I have many fond memories of working with a wonderful educational staff and faculty at Holy Angels Academy. Thank you for allowing me to teach such amazing, incredible students. Many blessings on to you.

  21. Meg Rittling says:

    Congratulations- 60 years! You have taught me so much not only in the classroom but you shared life lessons with me. I will forever be grateful for your prayers, support and most of all your friendship. Love, your Fav. Snoopy says congrats too.

  22. Tom Kutas says:

    Congratulations Sr. Karen Marie! Your presence at Holy Angels Academy was beneficial and inspiring to everyone there. The prayers and accolades reaped on you are well deserved.

    Tom Kutas

  23. Sara Ryan Kane says:

    Congrats Sr Karen Marie
    Many fond memories at HAA

    Sara Ryan

  24. Linda Spillman Garrity says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie! You have been a blessing in my life and heart; I cannot convey my gratitude. I remember some of the lessons you conveyed during our religion classes and modeled my own religion classes on some of those principles and techniques. Thank you for ALL that you’ve shared—we are truly blessed!! Wishing you joy as you celebrate your 60th jubilee!!
    Linda Spillman Garrity
    Class of 1984

  25. William C Snyder says:

    In the 17 years I worked at the original Parker Pharmacy at Parker, I have nothing but fond memories of your trips to the store to have a cashier fulfill your purchases as you conversed with a Pharmacist. It was truly a great store but, more importantly, you were always such a pleasure to take care of completing the sale. Thank you for the pleasure and Congratulations on your life and career in the service to God in our community.

  26. Eileen Buckley says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie! What a wonderful milestone. Your teachings from religion classes at HAA remain with me. I’m so blessed that we’ve been able to reconnect with your work at St. Margret parish. Your ministry to the home bond elderly is wonderful.

  27. Lisa Bogdan. Class of 1994 HAA says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie,
    I will always remember you as a great teacher, who was genuinely concerned about educating young women. God bless!

  28. Rebecca Steiner says:

    Sister Karen Marie, you were always wonderful and taught me so much about the world and giving back. Congratulations on this amazing milestone!
    Rebecca Steiner
    HAA Class of 2008

  29. Sharon Kathleen Higby says:

    Sr. Karen! I was so happy to see your face on my Facebook page!!! Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished, and for everything you did for me at Holy Angels Academy. I remember those days with great joy (which you always seemed to have). Your enthusiasm for your students was contagious and I always looked forward to your class. Thank you for the wonderful gifts your presence brought to my life! xo Sharon Higby, class of 1986 (would have been)

  30. Jackie Barrett says:

    Congratulations SKM! You taught me so much. Especially how important having expectations and doing the right thing! I drove you crazy, but you loved me no matter what. Thank you for that and the many years you have served. Love you ❤️ Jackie Barrett 94’

  31. Susan Wischerath says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen on your 60th Jubilee. You bring hope and joy to so many people. God bless you in your dedicated service to others.

  32. Tracy Curtin says:

    Congratulations SKM! You were a great mentor and friend during my years at Holy Angels. I never forgot you and was so thrilled when my daughter had you (even for just her freshman year).
    Continued good health to you. Sending hugs and kisses.
    Tracy Hegarty
    Class of 1990

  33. Megan gallagher says:

    Congrats Sister Karen Marie! You have touched so many lives, thank you! A wonderful teacher for all at Holy Angels Academy!
    We love you!
    The Gallagher’s

  34. Patti Duffy says:

    Congratulations Sr. Karen Marie. Special times at Holy Angels Academy!

  35. Micki (née Pannozzo) Meyer HAA c/o 95 says:

    Congratulations Sr. Karen Marie! Thank you for your faithful love and service in our world! Wishing you all the best on your 60th Jubilee!

  36. Elizabeth A Ryan says:

    Congratulations Sister Karen Marie.
    You were a great teacher and I won’t ever forget you.
    Liz RYAN
    Class of 1981

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