Season of Creation 2020

Written on: August 31, 2020

The Season of Creation begins on September 1, World Day of Prayer for Creation, and culminates on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, October 4. We hope you will celebrate along with us.

Further, as a suggestion for deeper sharing in the spirit of this special Season, we recommend signing up for the six- episode podcast from the Columban Missionaries – Jubilee for the Earth: Biodiversity and Our Sacred Story. 9/1-10/4.

Prayer Service for September 1: Jubilee for the Earth Prayer Service

Reflection for Week 1: Love your neighbor as yourself
Reflection for Week 2: Protecting the Commons
Reflection for Week 3: There is Enough for Our Needs, Nor for Our Greed
Reflection for Week 4: The Gift of Water
Reflection for Week 5: Solidarity not Dominion

One thought on “Season of Creation 2020

  1. Michael McClure says:

    I missed you.

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