First Sunday of Advent Reflection- November 29, 2020

Written on: November 24, 2020

First Reading: Isaiah 63:16B-17, 19B; 64:2-7
Psalm: 80:2-3, 15-16, 18-19
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians: 1:3-9
Gospel: Mark 13:33-37

The Season of Advent is here!

Who can believe that we had barely finished celebrating the Christmas Season earlier this year when the world began to turn upside down? Since then, so many people have been sick. So many people have died. So many others are suffering the loss of work, home, family, livelihood. And, just when we thought we could see the end of that oppressive tunnel, here we are again.

Isaiah seems to be living in a similar time, crying out to God to come down and set things straight for those who have lost their way. Don’t we feel the same? Don’t we wish God would show us the right way? Inspire the researchers? Give hope to the weary doctors and nurses? Comfort the sorrowing? Maybe even just. . .

come down and fix it?

But, if Isaiah teaches us anything, it is that people will lose their way, and God will offer hope to help bring them around.

Advent is the season of hope. We prepare and wait for something wonderful to happen, and it does. Each year as the days grow shorter and the sun moves further away (from us northern hemisphere people), as leaves fall and seeds go into hibernation, a miracle takes shape. We slow down a bit. We think about the people we love more often- especially those far from us. We draw on memories past, to create memories anew for those around us.

Advent gives us four weeks to hope that something better is on the way, within our grasp. Whatever you are hoping for, be that peace, love, a deeper faith- God is offering that to you. We just need to heed the advice in the Gospel attributed to Mark:

“Be watchful! Be alert!” (MK13:33)

 Look for joy and find it in experiencing hope.

Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent.

Maryellen Glackin is the Social Media communications manager for the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart. She began her partnership with the GNSH as Director of Vocations. Her ministry has evolved over the years as the needs of the Congregation have changed. Maryellen, better known as Nanny to her 5 grandchildren, enjoys reading, talking walks and creating beauty in her life and home.

13 thoughts on “First Sunday of Advent Reflection- November 29, 2020

  1. Sr. Donna M Lord, GNSH says:

    Maryellen, Your words echoed in my heart and gave me encouragement to wait and hope, a perfect message for Advent.

  2. Ellie wall says:

    A wonderful hopeful message!

  3. Jo Patti says:

    Thanks, Maryellen, for the richness you have provided to our annual Advent journey. So many prayers to be offered, so many thoughts to send to loved ones. This is a good place to begin!

  4. Mary Elizabeth Looby says:

    Love it! Thanks!

  5. Barbara Schiavoni says:

    Thank you Maryellen for your insightful reflection. The pandemic calls us to remember our dependence on God and our responsibility for one another. May we wait with watchful and generous hope this Advent season.

  6. Sr. Maria Christi says:

    Thank you Mary Ellen for your optimistic sharing and reflection of HOPE so needed during this challenging time. A good way for me to begin my at-home ADVENT retreat THIS WEEK.
    Be assured of thoughts and prayers for all who share in our ministry.

  7. Eileen White says:

    Thank you, Partner in Mission, for being God’s messenger of the messengers of hope. Your reflection invites me to spend time with the First Sunday of Advent readings, and to work hard at watching and being alert for signs of God’s love in the midst of what so often seems dark and empty in our world.

  8. Kathleen Devlin says:

    Mary Ellen,

    Thank you for your optimism, hope is what we need to get through this challenging year of 2020. We all need to be inspired, and do hope for a better and healthier year in 2021.

  9. Michael McClure says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We pray for hope especially in these hours of darkness. Jesus will lead us.

  10. Edward Lawrence says:

    Beautifully written, Maryellen. You may be a Social Media Coordinator by occupation but you will always be a Religion teacher by vocation. Great job.

  11. Mary Mulligan says:

    Maryellen, thank you for your thoughts about this holy season.
    Come around and fix it will become my mantra .

  12. Sr. Mary Teresa LaBrake, GNSH says:

    Mary Ellen,
    Your reflection gave so much inspiration towards a brighter future, a longing for that day when Christ will come again to give us a greater Peace.

  13. Sister Rita Margraff says:

    Maryellen, thank you for this message of hope. – something so needed in these dark days.

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