Reflection for February 2021

Written on: January 28, 2021

Written by Sr. Mary Karen Kelly, GNSH.  Taken from: Heart Stirrings © Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, 2020. Designed in Canva.


3 thoughts on “Reflection for February 2021

  1. Eileen Spanier says:

    Compact, succinct, specific…not a wasted word…every word pregnant with visual, audial and mental meaning.
    Karen, your poetry is “primly elegant”. Thank you!

  2. Eileen White says:

    This is one of my favorite entries in Heart Stirrings. I loved it from the minute I first read it. Karen, you beautifully captured the image and I was so struck by your last line,
    ” . . . not to vivacious hope
    (the grace of evergreens)
    but to a feisty faith in future blossoming”
    Oh! I pray to have that feisty faith in future blossoming for all the days of my life!

  3. Mary Pfeiffer says:

    Beautiful and thank you for sharing.

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