Reflection for April 2021

Written on: March 31, 2021

By: Sister Marlene Butler, GNSH. Excerpted from Peace, I leave you peace

Taken from: Heart Stirrings © Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, 2020


One thought on “Reflection for April 2021

  1. Marcia Cloen says:

    Sr. Marlene, l really wanted to call you today to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, but l could not find your phone number in my new address book, only your address.
    I was so very happy to receive your recent greeting card. Tomorrow l will surely contact DYouville or Canisius or the Grey Nuns so l do not lose your phone number again.You are on my mind so often. I hope you are doing well. It will be wonderful to speak with you again. I do not know if my first comment came thru. Marcia

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