Our 2021 Jubilarians

Written on: April 16, 2021

At this time of celebrating 100 Years of Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart love and service, we rejoice in the faithfulness of these Sisters to the dedicated living of their vows and in the unfailing fidelity of our God to each of them.

Eighty Years

Sister Eileen Murray (Sister Paul Francis)

“I muse often at how blessed we all are to be here and to have each other.”

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Seventy-five Years

Sister Mary Charlotte Barton 

“I am truly grateful for my formation in prayer, which forms the spiritual life of a Grey Nun!

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Seventy Years

Sister Mary Teresa LaBrake (Sister Maria Goretti)

“It was while I was ministering in the parish that the Lord drew me into His care and concern for the sick in the hospital, nursing home, or homebound.”

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Sixty Years

Sister Mary Courts (Sister Joseph Mary)

“I cherish the many friends I have made over the years and marvel at the opportunities Divine Providence guided me through.

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Sister Mary Lee Farrell (Sister John Michael)

“I have never been bored, but often surprised. I have never been more sure that I was in charge than just before a major crisis.”

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Sister Rita Lewandowski  (Sister Thomas More)

“It was (a privilege) to teach reading to the disabled and ESL to refugees. But it was my main task those many years to stand against the false notion that the lives of these left-out people mattered less than other lives.”

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Sister Donna Lord (Sister Donna Joseph)

“I am grateful for all those sisters with whom I have shared community life and especially for those who have been in small sharing groups with me.”

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Sister Rita Margraff (Sister Rita Marie)

“My heart is filled with gratitude for my 60 years as a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart.”

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Sister Catherine McGady (Sister Joseph Veronica)

“I pray we continue to be: positive, optimistic, affirming, forgiving, just, peaceful, and accepting.”

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Sister Dolores O’Dowd (Sister Dolores Ann)

“You who challenged and encouraged me. stood by me in pain and joy, you the young and old whose lives have been an inspiration.”

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Sister Kathleen Purser (Sister Ann Gerald)

“I have felt the hand of God prodding me, supporting me, enriching me and affirming me through the various people whose paths crossed mine.”

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Sister Denise Roche (Sister Mary Vincent)

“Grey Nun life has blessed me in many ways and given me grace to move more deeply into the heart of God.”

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Sister Jean Scharf (Sister Mary of the Cross)

“There are many who shared their faith, love, and support with me as we ministered to others in schools, parishes, and other ministries.”

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  1. Josh Salquenettii says:

    Blessing’s to you ALL!
    Br. Juniper Serra Salquenettii, BSM

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