Sister Kathleen Purser (Sister Ann Gerald) Sixtieth Jubilee

Written on: April 22, 2021

During the 1986 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia, Sister Kathleen was one of 35 people chosen for depiction on the Coca-Cola Centennial Olympic Wall. This was an exciting time in Atlanta and in her usual fashion, Kay was delighted to be involved in many of the activities.

Though born in Buffalo, New York, Kay spent most of her religious life in Atlanta, first in teaching and then as Principal at Christ the King School, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, and St. Paul of the Cross School.

For many years, she served as the Executive Director of Lifespan Resources whose mission is “to build communities that welcome us as we age.” Shortly after she left that position, Lifespan established the Sister Kathleen Purser Society to honor her fourteen years of service.

Kay’s many gifts were of great value to the Grey Nun congregation in her positions on the Leadership Council where she held the role of Treasurer and later, of Secretary. Kay ‘s many nieces and nephews were the recipients of her handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, a prized gift from a loving aunt.


The journey over these 60 years, always guided by a Providential Companion, has been one of many blessings, special friendships and treasured experiences. 

Never would I have imagined where the Spirit would lead me! 

I have felt the hand of God prodding me, supporting me, enriching me and affirming me through the various people whose paths crossed mine.  With each new ministry came the wisdom of the past and a call to stretch in new directions and always the companionship of special people, both Grey Nuns and others, who journeyed with me to be God’s presence to the people we served.  How blessed I have been!    

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One thought on “Sister Kathleen Purser (Sister Ann Gerald) Sixtieth Jubilee

  1. Joe Tebo says:

    Congratulations Sr. Kay on your sixty years of religious life from the Potsdam Associates.

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