Primary Voting

Written on: May 1, 2021

From Sr. Diane Bardol, GNSH

It is widely accepted that voting at the local level is extremely important. It’s where we have the greatest political impact. But the state primaries don’t usually get as much hype as do the national elections. In my search I found information on The Daily Pennsylvanian–  a student paper at the University of Pennsylvania. There are many links provided to other articles. This is just meant to whet your appetite for doing your own online search.

Remember May 18 is Pennsylvania Primary Election Day. Be sure to register or update your registration by May 3, and if you are requesting a mail-in ballot the deadline is May 11.  There is still plenty of time to become well informed about the candidates and ballot issues.

Apologies for not including voting guides for those living in other states. An internet search in your area can give you the important dates and information you will need.

The important thing is to VOTE. Your VOTE does matter!

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