GNSH Laudato Si’ Statement

Written on: September 29, 2021

The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart Commitment to the

Laudato Si Seven-Year Journey to Integral Ecology


The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart following in the footsteps and spirit of St. Marguerite d’Youville are devoted to a spirituality of compassionate and passionate concern and care for the ecological wellbeing of Earth and the Universe. Believing that we are co-creators of our world, we unanimously voted in 2003 to endorse the principles of the Earth Charter which embraces the sanctity of all of God’s creation.

At our Chapter in 2013, and reaffirmed in 2018, we discerned a call to risk relational newness with God, each other, our Church and the world by:    

  • Embracing a contemplative stance
  • Cultivating relational integrity in all our interactions
  • Offering faithful witness as women in the Church
  • Fostering cosmic consciousness

Now in 2021, with that history and motivation and in that spirit we renew our lifelong commitment to ecological conversion. We do this in solidarity with hundreds of Congregations of Religious Women and Men around the world who have “set out on the long path of renewal” (LS 202) to integral ecology as envisioned by Laudato Si.

“Because of our gratitude for all the gifts God has shared with us so generously, we are eager to do what we can to participate in the efforts of Laudato Si’.  We know that each of us can make a difference, but we will multiply that effect many times by joining with others who work for the same purpose. We, the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, want to endorse and participate fully in the world challenge to save and enhance the beautiful gifts given so abundantly by our loving God.”
Sister Denise Roche, GNSH, President


We invite you to check back here often for updates, and visit the Laudato Si’ Action Platform  to stay informed. Click here for information about The Problem of Plastics, which will be our focus for the 7-Year Journey to Integral Ecology.

What Can I do?

  • Read (or re-read) Laudato Si’
  • Strive for a greater understanding of Integral Ecology
  • Become involved in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform
  • Join us in saying the following prayer:
May we always walk gently upon Earth,
in right relationship,
-nurtured by your Love,
-taking only what we need,
-giving back to Earth in gratitude,
-sharing what we have,
-honoring all with reverence,
-reconciling and healing,
-mindful of those who will come after,
-recognizing our proper place as part of, not apart from, your creation.
Grant us the strength and courage we pray,
for such radical transformation into your Kin-dom,
Then, we too, with the very stones will shout, “HOSANNA”

from Pax Christi

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