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Written on: November 1, 2021

Nancy Hibbard, our liaison to Haiti, has provided us an update to the donations.

A total of $22,000 has been raised and sent to Haiti.  Grey Nun donations of $5,000 is included.  The following is how the funds have been used:

$5,000 for repairs to make homes habitable.

$7,000 for sheet metal and 2x4s to erect temporary classrooms (grades K-6) and a small building for housing the priest at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Ranja (just outside of Jeremie). Presently, all classes (80+ children) are being taught in the small, one-room church which the earthquake did not flatten (550 were destroyed).

$5000 for monthly allotments of food, water, and non-food items for families of children enrolled in the school.  (Children affected by the earthquake now face from moderate to severe acute malnutrition.) Parents will be encouraged to attend free instruction on topics such as child nutrition, development, caring for teeth, etc.

$1000 to purchase and house a large grinder so produce from local farmers and the parish gardens can be harvested and transformed into products which can sold and/or used for school lunches (example: peanut butter).

$4000 will be used by the local project manager to continue assisting with miscellaneous emergencies, medicines, hospitalizations, hunger, etc., as the needs arise.

Thank you, Sister Mary Finnick

Sister Mary Finnick ministered in Haiti for many years. She was about to leave this ministry when a hurricane and earthquake hit the island in 2010. You can read about some of Sister’s ministry in Haiti here

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