GNSHappenings- December 2021

Written on: December 30, 2021

GNSH Associate News-

Thank You to all the Associates who responded to the Visioning Survey sent earlier this year. Your responses indicate the desire to experience community, to share faith and journeys, to pray and grow spiritually and to continue to learn about St. Marguerite d’Youville and share her legacy. To meet these goals, the leaders of the GNSH Associates have introduced a new format to the monthly Associate Zoom gatherings. Each month, a Sister or Associate will be invited to share her/his story.

Patty O’Sullivan Sanders spoke in December and was the first Associate to share her story. Patty spoke of how Marguerite’s life of service has inspired and guided her throughout her life, as a Grey Nun and later as a lay woman.  Patty continues St. Marguerite’s legacy of loving service through a literacy program that Patty developed in Santa Fe.

Our next gathering is January 15– note the date change- at 10:30am. If you wish to participate and are not receiving the monthly Zoom links, please click to email Maryellen Glackin. The gatherings include prayer, announcements and Associate happenings.  All are welcome! Contact Angel Conicelli  if you would like more information about the Associates.

Sister Sally White had a Visitor!

On December 9, Sr. Sally White enjoyed a visit with her niece Jennifer. As you can see by their smiles, they were both happy to see each other and catch up.

Border Experience Presentation

On Monday December 13th, Sisters Diane Bardol and Bridget Connor shared with Sisters and Associates their experience helping asylum seekers at the border.  About 40 people attended in person and another 10 were able to join in by Zoom. The Sisters spoke of the impact the experience had on them, as well as how meeting the people on a personal level helped to dispel any rhetoric we hear about refugees in the media. One story in particular was about a woman seeking asylum who helped them in the laundry. They were called away from the task, but the woman stayed and continued to sort, wash, dry and fold a MOUNTAIN of clothes by herself. Upon their return, the entire task was finished and the room was cleaned up and organized for the next round!  Wow!

Christmas Celebration

On Friday December 17, Sisters and Co-workers gathered for a pre-Christmas luncheon  in the community space at the Villages of Pine Valley, located just down the road from Holy Redeemer Lafayette. 48 sisters and 12 employees  were in attendance. Sisters received homemade cookies from their co-workers! All of us were thrilled to be together – finally!  We received many emails and calls expressing how happy people were and how much they enjoyed the celebration. Games were played and even a few Christmas songs were sung. View more pictures here

LSAP Officially Launched!

On November 14, the Laudato Si Action Platform had its official world-wide launch. On November 29, we gathered to celebrate the launch at Holy Redeemer Lafayette. Mary Jane Key’s quilting group made reusable shopping bags which were distributed at the meeting, and later given to our co-workers and Grey Nun Associates– even mailed to those who are “at a distance.” The skill and generosity of the quilting group were greatly appreciated. Our great effort is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our lives, and the shopping bags are one huge way to eliminate throw-away bags. During the gathering we shared a prayer of Thanksgiving for Earth, and listened to the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth.”

After a brief presentation, there was time for discussion, which you can see from the photos. View more photos here

Recently, Sr. Sheila Stone sent an email about New York’s ban on Styrofoam plastics which will go into effect on January 1, 2022. Primarily the ban is for to-go packaging at restaurants, and other establishments, even hospitals, that use Styrofoam drinking cups. Because Styrofoam breaks into little pieces, it’s damaging effects on wildlife, especially in waterways are insidious. This is a big win for the State of New York and we hope others will follow suit.

We are encouraging everyone to become aware of how much single-use plastic we consume, and to think of ways to eliminate the need for such items. Those lovely cloth shopping bags are one way!

Happy January Birthdays!

Wishing the following Sisters and co-worker, very happy birthdays: January:  Sr. Marita Campbell (2); Sr. Ellie Martinez (7); Beth Fisher (8); Sr. Nancy Kaczmarek and Sr. Sheila Stone  (12); Sr. Mary Brendan Connors (13); Sr. Mary Mulligan (19); Sr. Mary Salvadore (25) and Sr. Cathy Bleiler (31). May the Lord protect and bless each of you in the year ahead!

Photo: Unsplash/Becca Tarter


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