Let it Snow? by Sr. Donna Lord, GNSH

Written on: January 31, 2022

A number of Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart grew up in Buffalo, New York. It is a lovely old city with many features, one of them being nearness to Niagara Falls.

Another is the amount of snowfall each winter! 

A prime example is this very winter. Mother Nature has not sent  a great dump of snow at one time, but has sent a few inches a day so that plowing and shoveling have not been too arduous, and folks have not missed many days of school or work. The new blanket of snow each day has kept the accumulation fresh and clean, so that we look out our windows and truly see a “winter wonderland.” So far, about 2 feet of snow has fallen on the area!

Growing up in Buffalo, students could hope and pray for a major winter blessing — the snow holiday.

That would be a day when so much snow had fallen that some businesses closed, buses were not on time, and many schools realized that it would be difficult or impossible for the teachers and students to travel safely. Therefore, school was declared closed. Of course, the kids would then bundle up and go out to play:  building forts, making a supply of snowballs, and pelting each other until they ran out of snowballs or started to cry for mercy. Among the devilish tricks were creeping up behind someone and putting snow down the back of their neck, or “washing” someone’s face in snow which involved sneaking up behind a person with a handful of snow and plunging it into the face of the un-suspecting victim.

Even now as a mature (otherwise known as old) adult, I feel a burst of pleasure to see the snow start to fall and begin to cover the ground. It feels like a gift from God.

Unlike Buffalo, Philadelphia hasn’t had much snow to speak of– despite severe weather warnings from the meteorologists!

Isn’t it fun to remember the days when snow was a blessing, not a problem? There is something magical and spiritual about the hush that comes over the world outside our window as snow starts to fall, when we are tucked safe and warm inside.

The four seasons are a gift from God– don’t let climate change take them away.

2 thoughts on “Let it Snow? by Sr. Donna Lord, GNSH

  1. Cathy Ceranski says:

    I LOVED snow days! My most memorable was when I was a junior at D’Youville. I was the morning of December 1st and I was living in the 4th floor dorm in the main building. There has been a huge snowstorm the night before, the skyway was closed, and classes were cancelled. Everything was serene and peaceful when the phone rang at 8 am. ( It was down the hall in the laundry room, the only phone on the floor students had available) It was my father calling to tell me my little brother had been born at the height of the storm. Daddy said he was the last car out of Cheektowaga before the police closed the roads. TImmy turned out to be the last of my 8 siblings, and I took a lot of ribbing from all my classmates about the snowstorm baby. But the day off was great. We could see the city blanketed by snow from the 4th floor and everyone settled in the enjoy the day.

  2. Arlene Kisker says:

    I grew up in Buffalo, next door to my cousin, Sister Marion Adrian. We (my twin sister and I) also graduated from Holy Angels Academy. We certainly had our share of fun times in the winter, sharing relative Christmas parties, etc. Wonderful memories!

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