Written on: October 27, 2022

Boston College has established a Catholic Religious Archives Repository to assist in the collection, preservation, and study of institutional records and documents belonging to Catholic religious orders and congregations in the United States and Canada. Michael Burns, Archives Special Assistant for Jesuit & Catholic Collections at Boston College, met with Sisters Mary Karen Kelly, Bridget Connor, and Eileen White way back in 2018 about Boston College’s interest in becoming a repository for our archives when we are ready to transfer them. At his recommendation, we hired religious archives consultant, Ellen Pierce, in 2019. She spent a few days with us, studied our archives, made recommendations about what to keep, and now continues to serve us as an important resource.

Nancy Kaczmarek comes to Philadelphia several days each month to follow up on the preparation of our archives for eventual delivery to Boston College, following the recommendations of Ellen Pierce and seeking her expertise for answers to questions that arise. Since Ellen is a highly respected archivist, we were heartened to hear Michael Burns tell us in a recent meeting we had with him that Ellen describes our archives as very valuable. We can all be happy to know that who we have been and what we have done in our hundred-plus year history will not be lost, but rather, preserved for research and posterity.

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