Installation of New GNSH Leadership, by Sister Eileen White, GNSH

Written on: August 14, 2023

Four Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart received the mantle of leadership for the congregation on July 1, 2023. Sister Denise Roche will serve as President, while Sisters Barbara Schiavoni, Nancy Kaczmarek, and Eileen White serve as members of the Leadership Council. Grey Nuns gathered at the beautiful Knowlton Mansion for the Mass of Installation and luncheon, presided over by Rev. Charlie Noone.

Our co-workers joined the Grey Nuns at this festive occasion, giving us an opportunity to thank them for the work they do on behalf of the Grey Nun mission to be for others. Mrs. Debbie Adams and Sr. Rita Margraff coordinated all the arrangements for the Eucharistic celebration and luncheon. As you can see from the photos, the venue was quite lovely and included strikingly beautiful centerpieces from the Yellow Daffodil, a wonderful flower shop that employs people with special needs.

We heard a reading from a familiar segment of the Grey Nun Constitutions that reminded us of the purpose of our Grey Nun lives: uniting our diverse personal gifts “to witness radically to the gospel and to extend the reign of God.”

From Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, we heard, “May you be able to understand with all the believers the width, the length, the height and the depth in a word, may you know the love of Christ which surpasses all understanding.” The gospel narrative was extraordinarily powerful, because Father Charlie did not read it. He told it to us from memory – John 13: 3-15 — the washing of the feet of the disciples. We felt like some of the early converts to Jesus listening to the apostle telling what happened at that last supper and what it meant.

Sister Eileen Spanier delivered a beautiful reflection on the readings and on the significance of this occasion. She invited us to consider significant moments — in the life of Paul, in the life of the apostles, in our life as Grey Nuns, and particularly today, in the life of our new leaders. Her reflection is available here.

Sister Jean Liston, one of our former presidents, led us in the ritual of blessing and giving thanks to the previous leadership group, and she then blessed and missioned our newly elected leaders. The Grey Nuns pledged loving support and prayer and renewed our commitment “to share the mission and charism of St Marguerite with others called by the Spirit.” We sang, “Be A Blessing to The World” and rejoiced at this significant moment in our 102-year history.

Our elected leaders are joined by Co-Executive Directors, Debbie Adams and Marianne Kitzmiller, to form the new Grey Nun Leadership Team.

4 thoughts on “Installation of New GNSH Leadership, by Sister Eileen White, GNSH

  1. Mary Pfeiffer says:

    May God bless everyone with all that He knows you need! You certainly have wonderful group of Sisters will be serving the rest of the congregation and Associates as your leaders.

  2. Vickie Christopher says:

    WHAT A TEAM … God’s blessings for a beautiful year. I wish my Bisons had a team like yours. We would be in 1st place for sure. You are all # 1 !!!!

    Pax et Bonum,

  3. Roselee Maddaloni says:

    So proud of you, Nancy!

  4. K.T. Connor says:

    What a wonderful leadership group is there to serve all. Those are such wonderful people, as you all are. I send all many warm wishes, and, especially, the leadership team. If there’s any help I can give from a distance, I still offer to see if I can work it out.

    What a blessing for the people both in the Grey Nuns and those whom they connect with! So glad to hear.

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