Grey Nuns Statement on Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas

For more than 45 years, the Border Patrol has brought migrants to Annunciation House to begin their transition to the United States.

Following the Biblical mandate, “Welcome the stranger,” Annunciation House has offered thousands of migrants a place to take a shower, get clean clothes and shoes or shoelaces, and have a meal and a place to sleep for one or two nights. There, they found assistance in filling out paperwork and in contacting a relative or friend who helped them travel by bus or plane to that relative’s home in cities across the United States.

Since 2019, Grey Nuns and their associates, friends, and members of their families have served as volunteers at Annunciation House. During the weeks that we have helped at one of the Annunciation House sites, we met migrants brought there by the Border Patrol and did what we could to help fill their needs.

In return, we heard their deep gratitude for what they received at Annunciation House and their hopes for building lives in America.

The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, a community of Catholic Sisters based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stand in solidarity with Ruben Garcia and Annunciation House. With people of faith everywhere, we believe that lending a hand to those who are the most vulnerable among us is an essential part of what it means to believe in the God of love and compassion. Having been welcomed ourselves for many years in cities of the USA as well as in Peru, we know how important it is for “outsiders” to be treated with kindness and respect. We strongly object to the suit against Annunciation House over a requested delay in handing over documents and to the false accusations of Attorney General Paxton against them.

The Grey Nuns