Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart?

Although the process is tailored to suit the needs of each woman, for most people it will take about two to three years to become a Novice with the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.

Why does it take this amount of time?

It might seem like a long time from where you are now, but experience has taught us that taking time in the beginning is rewarded in the end. During this early period we are getting to know you and you have the opportunity to get to know us (like a dating period!) You’ll want to be comfortable with the Sisters who are already Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart and we’ll want to be comfortable inviting you in to share our Life and lives.

What will I do during this time?

During this time, you’ll meet regularly with the Vocation Directors and begin Spiritual Direction (if you don’t already have a Spiritual Director of your own). This will be a time to “try on” vowed religious life for short periods of time such as weekends at the Motherhouse and weeklong retreat opportunities. You’ll be given some materials to read related to religious life in general and the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart specifically. You’ll have opportunities to visit with Sisters in their homes (convents) and at their ministry sites.

How will I know if I fit in?

This is different for each person. But, if you find yourself thinking about the community when you are away from us, if you find that the time with us flies by, if you feel most like yourself when you are with us, these would all be signs that you are “fitting in.” Some describe this as “feeling at home.”

How will I know if the Community thinks I’m a good fit?

We’ll keep asking you to come back! Seriously, we’ll be going through the same discernment process, seeing how comfortable you are with us and we are with you. The Vocation Directors will work with you and with the Community to check on what is feeling right, as well as addressing any concerns that might surface.

Okay, then what?

If we are happy with the experience, we’ll ask you to consider deepening your connection with us. If you’re also happy, you might say, “yes”- if so, preparation to live with the Sisters will start and lead eventually to entrance into Novitiate- a two-year process of acculturation in religious life, specifically with the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart (but we can talk about that later!)

If you have more questions, we invite you to discuss them with our Vocation Directors Mrs. Maryellen Glackin and her assistant, Sr. Barbara Harrington, GNSH

Call us at 215-968-4236 Ext. 2211
We’re looking forward to your “Call!”

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