The Incorporation Process

Initial FormationFirst Phase: Inquiry

Purpose: To assist a woman in knowing that the call to vowed religious life is one possible response to God’s invitation to the fullness of life

Duration: Determined by mutual discernment of a woman and the Vocation Director.

Activities: Communication; contact; visits; development of understanding of religious life in relationship to the Catholic Church; experience of Grey Nun spirituality through attending Congregational events, etc.

Requirements: Open

Responsible Person: Vocation Director with assistance as needed.

Second Phase : Affiliation

Purpose: To provide a woman with adequate time, experiences and support to discern the possibility of her call to vowed religious life within this congregation.

Duration: Six (6) to eighteen (18) months.

Activities: Regular meetings with vocation director or mentor; guided instruction; experience of Grey Nuns in community and ministry; live-in experience; on-going formation activities as mutually discerned.

Requirements: Must be Catholic (minimum of two years) and at least 21 years of age with evidence of maturity and freedom sufficient to discern a life commitment; remain in current living situation and employment.

Responsible Person: Assigned Mentor and Vocation Director

Third Phase: PostulancyPostulancy

Postulancy serves as a bridge into the Novitiate, providing a lived experience of Community life while respecting the woman’s current employment situation

Purpose: To provide a time of deeper discernment and preparation in a community setting with an emphasis on prayer, Grey Nun Spirituality, community life, and ministry.

Duration: Six (6) Months to one (1) year

Activities: A deepening of the activities begun during Affiliation. Spiritual direction, a guided program, and living with the Sisters are essential components.

Requirements: Openness to participating in personal evaluations required prior to Novitiate including: submitting Sacramental, educational and employment records, references; physical and mental health evaluations; and background checks.

Responsible Person: Director of Initial Formation

We invite you to contact us if you would like to know more about becoming a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart.

If you prefer to call, Maryellen is available to speak with you at 215-968-4236, ext.208.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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