Our Associates Speak to the Experience of Grey Nun Association

“What touches your heart about the Grey Nun Associate Relationship?”

The love and acceptance I feel when we are together
Their sincere involvement in my life and my spirituality
The feeling that I matter for who I am and not because I belong to their association.
Their desire that I grow spiritually
Winnie and Kevin Athaide
Cummings, Georgia Associate

Being a small part of a family whose purpose is to manifest the compassionate love of the Father toward those most in need of material and spiritual assistance.
Being a Grey Nun Associate connects me with our St. Marguerite d’Youville in heaven as she continues her work on earth.
Frank Cappelli
Philadelphia Associate

Through my relationships with Grey Nun sisters and associates I have found a spiritual home.
It is here that I mingle with men and women who care about and talk about their spiritual growth. That’s so rare on the outside.
My connection to larger spiritual ideas and inspirational religious figures has come to me through the Grey Nuns. I treasure that.
Janet Friedman
Yardley Associate

I have been associated with the Grey Nuns since nurse’s training (1953-56). I loved them then as now, and it seemed the order of things that I should be an Associate. Our group of Associates are the greatest.
Gerry Montroy, North Country, NY

“Describe how you live out the spirit and charism of St. Marguerite d’Youville.”

I have a daily prayer life. In my personal life, I try to remember the difficult times that Marguerite had and I try not to lose hope. I volunteer at my parish in a program to feed homeless men. Their presence gives me great joy. I feel Jesus is with them.
Mary Ann Knorr
Yardley Associate

work in hospice, helping patients and their family at a critical time of their life as they approach death in comfort and dignity without fear. I am also involved in my local parish, as well as dealing with the preservation and restoration of our historic cemetery.
Judith Allen
At-a-Distance Associate

How I live in the Spirit and charism of Marguerite is rooted in my love of God and turning my life completely over to Him. That is what Marguerite did. My daily life, work, and volunteerism is grounded in awareness of people’s needs: giving a kind smile, good ears, and truly caring about them. If love of God is allowed to come though me, then God is there and we all are blessed.
Georganne Donnelly
Atlanta Associate

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