The Earth Committee supports the Principles of the Earth Charter by educating the Congregation, Grey Nun Associates and Colleagues on issues such as Fracking, clean water, and climate change and encouraging them to advocate for or against legislation around these issues.

  • Eco CornerThrough our ministry in Haiti, we became aware of SOIL a process for turning waste into clean compost.
  •  The Motherhouse  Eco-Corner is a daily reminder to Sisters, co-workers and guests to be aware of our treatment of the Earth.



EarthHeart is an earth-based spirituality ministry of prayer and awareness which is active in the Buffalo area with the leadership of Sr. Sheila Stone.


Peacemaking and Nonviolence Committee

The Peacemaking and Non-violence Committee works toward the possibility of living nonviolently in a violent world. As Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart our spirituality and prayer life are integral to our commitment to seek peace and justice for all. The Peacemaking and Non-violence Committee:

  • Provides information to the Congregation, our Associates and the wider community about concerns and actions related to our corporate stands
  • Facilitates communication efforts to advocate for justice and promote peace
  • Participates in prayer, fasting and advocacy activities related to peace and justice
  • Provides resources for prayer services, liturgical celebrations and methods of non-violent communication.
  • A Peace Pole stands on our property as a reminder that this is a place of peace, and that we are people of peace.

We welcome your questions and comments about our advocacy efforts and invite you to stay informed through our blog.

The Grey Nuns