Debt Relief

Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart
Affirmed: October 23, 2000

We consider that it is urgent for us to:

  • Participate in the Jubilee 2000/USA Campaign
  • Educate ourselves and our Associates and colleagues in ministry regarding the key debt issues
  • Advocate for specific actions by the U.S. government and world monetary organizations

Our mission calls us to “collaborate with one another and other groups to Increase the influence of God’s love,” and to “identify and address new societal needs, ever mindful of the neglected, rejected and uncared for people of our world”. (Mission Statement: Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart)

From our sisters in mission in developing countries, we know of the human cost of efforts to repay foreign debt. We know that in countries with unpayable debt, people lose out on health care, education, and the chance to earn a decent living.

With Jubilee 2000/USA we will focus on countries with extreme levels of poverty and environmental distress, and we will strive to ensure that money saved from debt cancellation is used to benefit ordinary people.

We recognize the complexity of world economics, and therefore we join with economists, faith groups, social justice advocates, environmentalists, and development agencies around the globe in seeking understanding of and solutions to the debt crisis.

The Grey Nuns