Support of the Principles of the Earth Charter

Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart
Affirmed: March 28, 2003

Alleluia! Give thanks to Yahweh, who is good.
Yahweh’s love is everlasting …
Yahweh’s wisdom made the heavens …
set the earth on the waters …
made the great lights … the sun … the moon (Psalm 136: 1-9)

We are pleased to announce that the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart have voted in favor of the proposal to endorse the Earth Charter and promote its principles and values. 100% of those who voted (more than 88% of the congregation) supported a corporate stand by the Congregation on this issue.

In these days of troubling images, actions, and words inside and outside our nation, it is urgent for us women religious to give witness by what we say and do and are to our commitment to:

  1. respect and care for the community of life
  2. ecological integrity
  3. social and economic justice
  4. democracy, nonviolence, and peace (Earth Charter Principles)

Earth Charter

The Grey Nuns