Creating A Compassionate World

Being attuned to the signs of the times in an ever changing world, our mission drew us to the broader concerns of our global neighbors. This led to the adoption of our corporate stands and into new ministries and a new understanding of what ministry looks like in these times. Social justice became the “wind beneath our wings.” As our understanding of social justice evolved it became clear that it meant living in right relationship with all of life. And when one life form is in danger, all life is in danger.

Between 1990 and 2003 the Congregation of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart affirmed four corporate stands: (click on any stand below for specifics)

Corporate Stands help focus our efforts in prayer, ministry and advocacy. They demand that we continually educate ourselves about these issues in relationship to our Catholic faith as expressed in scripture, documents from the Pope and current theological perspectives. They also require us to keep abreast of current issues and science as they impact all life. We see our present ministry as advocating for a more just society. We do this in two ways:

  • In our daily encounters and conversations in person or through social media, speaking for the oppressed and underserved when the occasion presents itself
  • In more formal ways through advocacy by communicating with our legislators via email, letter, phone or in person lobbying.

Creating a more compassionate world is really a matter of personal conversion giving us the passion to seek and the courage to make caring connections to bring about God’s promise of making all things new!

The Grey Nuns