Laudato Si’ Action Platform 7-Year Journey

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’- Our Common Home was written in 2015. Now, there is a worldwide effort to assure the ideas presented by Pope Francis will become a lived reality.

On September 9, 2021, a gathering was held for Sisters and Grey Nun Associates to introduce the Laudato Si’ Action Platform (LSAP) and the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart commitment to participate in this initiative.

You can read our Commitment Statement here.

The LSAP brings 7-parts of the Church together to work on 7-goals over the next 7-years. Religious Congregations are one of the 7-parts or “sectors”, along with families, parishes and dioceses, educational institutions, hospitals and healthcare centers, groups and organizations, and businesses and agriculture.

The 7-goals (click on graphic to enlarge) reflect what we are already concerned about such as responding to the cry of Earth, the cry of those made poor, ecological economics, sustainable lifestyles, ecological education, ecological spirituality and community action and participation. From our stand against fracking, to caring for immigrants, from ethical investing to eco-spirituality retreats, from Earth advocacy to standing against the death penalty, we are already involved in many facets of the 7-goals.

Our particular focus for the initiative will be to work toward the elimination of single use plastics, especially those too thin to be recycled in any way.

By way of education around this issue, we encourage you to view the trailer for an upcoming documentary available here: Albatross.

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform officially launched on November 14, 2021, the World Day for the Poor. Since that time we began a process of reading (or in many cases, re-reading) Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’- On Care for our Common Home.

Updates and information about the Laudato Si Action Platform and other related resources will be found in our blog section. Click here for more


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