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Welcome! This page is dedicated to highlighting a variety of Spiritually focused videos to inform and strengthen our spiritual lives practices. The offerings will be of interest to any “spiritual seeker.” 

Women and Men of Easter with Sr. Marie Michele Donnelly, RSM

Although this link takes you to YouTube, it is a private link and therefore not available on your TV. The following links contain the prayer and reflection questions for each title in the 4 part series.

Individual viewing- on

YouTube unless otherwise noted

To access the following on your smart TV, simply press the microphone on your Comcast Xfinity remote and read the title, ending with “on YouTube.”

Make Mistakes: Abandon Your Perfect Life: YouTube video resource for meditation (5 minutes).

It is Love That Matters. Beautiful YouTube video reflection from Center for Christogenesis incorporating the words of Ilia Delio (3 minutes).

Inside the Vatican: Please note, this is a PBS offering, not on YouTube. Filmed over the course of one year which coincides with the 5th anniversary of Pope Francis’s pontificate, “Inside the Vatican” gains unprecedented access to one of the most important places in the Christian world. Nestled in the city of Rome, the Vatican is the head-quarters of the Catholic Church and an independent city-state.

Cry of the Earth, Cry of the poor: Introduction to Laudato Si’. Daniel P. Horan. OFM (1hour)

Ask the Beasts: Spirituality and the Evolving Earth. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ. (1hr. 8 min. if Q&A skipped)

Loving the Dust We Are– Franciscan Spirituality and Justice for All God’s Creatures Daniel P. Horan, OFM (1 hr. 9min. If  Q&A skipped).

The 12 Principles. Thomas Berry (1 hr. 18 min.)

Pope Francis Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ (closed captioned)

What is Faith? Margaret Silf. St. Paul’s Cathedral (1hour)

The Peace that Surpasses Understanding. Dr. James Finley. (53 min.)

The Heart of Compassion. Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault. (20 min.)

God, Evolution and the Power of Love, Part 2.1. Ilia Delio  (57 min.) Center for Christogenesis. Fast Forward to 16 min. 56 sec. to bypass an initial Q & A section.

How The Church Can Combat Racism And White Privilege. Bryan Massingale, SJ (25 min.)

Discovering St. Joseph. Elizabeth Johnson, C.S.J. (57 min.)

Why St. Joseph Is The Saint We Need in 2021. Fr. James Martin, SJ (6 ½ min.)

St. Joseph- Protector, Part 1.  Fr. Richard McAlear, OMI. (25 min.)

Contemplation in the Midst of Chaos Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB (14 min.)

Contemplation and Action. Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB (20 min.)

Universal Christ by Richard Rohr, OSF. (60 min.)

Prophetic Faith in the Face of Fear by Daniel P. Horan, OFM. (78 min.)

The Grey Nuns