Suggested Podcasts

Welcome! This page is dedicated to highlighting Spiritually-focused Podcasts designed to inform and strengthen our spiritual lives. The offerings will be of interest to any “spiritual seeker.” 

Beyond the Habit ( is a new podcast from the Sisters of St. Joseph. The first two sessions are with Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ  a famous death penalty abolition advocate.

“Leading With Tenderness” Father Greg Boyle, SJ, founder of Homeboy Industries discusses the importance of kinship, belonging and integral human dignity in the context of restorative justice. 26 Minutes. “Go to the margins not to make a difference but so that the folks at the margins make you different…it is exquisitely mutual, it is all about US.” Click here to listen

From Engaging Franciscan Wisdom:

  • Join our guest, Eunice Park, as she reflects on the blessings and challenges of her heritage as a Korean American, as well as her accompaniment of immigrant young adults. This episode is filled with wisdom born of experience as Eunice creates safe space for people to do their inner work and find freedom. Click here to listen
  • Join Sister Jan Kilian in a probing conversation about the incisive wisdom and call to action in Fratelli Tutti, a recent encyclical from Pope Francis. Click here to listen

Selected Excerpts:

“We are to create a community of belonging and a community of solidarity, really of our time and our energy and our resources.”

“We are truly brothers and sisters to each other. I like this image of a melody from Saint Irenaeus. Francis quotes that the notes and the melody are not created separately and apart from each other. But they’re composed by the same person in one melody. And it’s not the same melody if we leave some notes out, it has to contain every note.”

The following podcasts are from The Beatitudes Center for the Nonviolent Jesus, by Fr. John Dear. Read about Fr. Dear here. Additional titles can be found on the Podcast page of the Center’s website here.

The Life And Teachings Of Daniel Berrigan

The Beatitudes of Peace and Nonviolence

The Nonviolent Sermon on the Mount

Jesus’ Campaign of Nonviolence

The Raising of Lazarus as Nonviolent Revolution

Walking With the Nonviolent Risen Jesus

There are some interesting podcasts on a website called The Spiritual Edge, from NPR. Sacred steps is a two-season, 18 part series of struggle and never giving up hope. (A podcast is simply a digital audio file, like listening to a radio program before we had television).

The first podcast I would like to mention is an interview with two Sisters of Mercy who speak about their work with detained immigrants. Sister Joann Perch, RSM is 85 years of age and Sister Pat Murphy, RSM is 90 and between them they have been arrested half a dozen times. Click this link

The second podcast is an interview with Sr. Dianna Ortiz an American Ursuline Sister who was missioned in Guatemala in 1989. She was kidnapped, raped and tortured by Guatemalan Military members before she was able to escape and flee to safety.

Portions of this podcast are difficult to hear but necessary to the narrative. It describes her faith struggle and explains how it led her to find her own voice and become a voice for other victims of torture. Click the link here.

If you want to listen to a podcast: Make sure the volume is up on the computer. Double click your mouse on the bolded link This should take you to the correct page. Under the photo there is a black rectangular box with an arrow & the story title Click on the arrow and it should start the audio.

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