With a Heart for Justice

We are committed as Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart to integrate our spirituality and our prayer life with our commitment to seek peace and justice

Our Vision Statement

We are called to strengthen our interdependence with each other, the vulnerable, and all of creation by living our legacy of universal compassion, promoting justice, and nurturing all of life with reverence.

As a Congregation we have taken Corporate Stands on the following issues affecting God’s creation  at this time: (Click on the highlighted words for more information)

Death Penalty

Debt Relief

Nuclear Free Zone

To further these causes, we have created a Peacemaking and Non-violence Committee and an Earth Committee.  We welcome your participation with us in these advocacy efforts .  From time to time we will recommend actions, and share steps we have taken to further these issues.

We have selected these issues because they are often ignored on the national, political stage, and not with disregard for other equally important issues facing our world.

The Grey Nuns